An Idealistic Law firm Serves Up Lawful Information In K-Drama ‘Law Cafe’

Neither Kim Yu-ri, played by Lee Se-young, nor Kim Jeong-ho, played by Lee Seung-gi, became specifically who they expected to be—and nonetheless somehow they discover themselves living in the exact same setting up. That is the premise of the Korean authorized rom com The Law Cafe.

Yu-ri, an lawyer working at a dependable law agency, is so concentrated on pro bono scenarios that she costs the agency dollars. Her idealism in championing worker’s legal rights prospects her to resign and open up a legislation cafe, where by she hopes to clear up problems—before people today head to court—all for the rate of a cup of coffee.

Jeong-ho quit his position as a prosecutor intending to write novels. He also owns a setting up, one particular floor of which he inadvertently rents to Yu-ri for her legislation cafe. When he finds out the id of his new tenant, he tries to cancel the contract. He phone calls her entrepreneurial strategies impulsive and badly believed out, but that’s not the real issue. This couple has some background, which would make things awkward between them, and caused him to start off keeping away from her. He would happily continue to keep keeping away from her, but Yu-ri is never ever inclined to back down—whether she is representing her possess interests or that of her consumers.

The two figures speak directly to viewers, with monologues that attempt to present some perception into why they do what they do. That does not mean they essentially comprehend their own emotions or even those of other people. Yu-ri does not look to suspect Jeong-ho’s genuine inner thoughts for her. Now that he can no lengthier steer clear of her, she may have to realize the noticeable proof.

The authorized rom com is centered on the strike website novel The Regulation Cafe and also stars Kim Nam-hee, gifted comedienne Kim Seul-gi, Oh Dong-min, Ahn Dong-gu, Kim Do-hoon, Jo Han-chul and Jang Hye-jin.

Lee Se-younger, who lately played a tragic heroine in the historical drama The Crimson Sleeve, provides a good deal of comic power to her purpose as the brash quirky lawyer, while Lee Seung-gi delivers his signature charismatic allure whilst taking part in Jeong-ho. Jointly they spark comedian and romantic chemistry. The actors previously worked together in the drama Hwayugi aka A Korean Odyssey, exactly where he performed a excellent sage and she played a zombie residing in his household.

Lee Se-youthful is also recognized for roles in the time-vacation drama Kairos and the historical drama The Crowned Clown. Lee Seung-gi not long ago appeared in the thriller Vagabond and the crime drama Mouse.