Choose Gets Reprimand Around Penchant For Handcuffing Attorneys In Her Courtroom

Texas relatives court decide Barbara Stalder was publicly reprimanded by the Texas State Fee on Judicial Perform. Why you talk to? Fantastic question. Turns out she purchased an attorney escorted to the jury box and shackled. Two times — in two different incidents.

The 1st incident occurred on February 10, 2020, when lawyer Derrick Saulsberry was symbolizing his nephew in a protecting purchase continuing. In the hallway, Saulsberry had a tense trade with his client’s mother-in-regulation. Saulsberry cursed. When they returned to the courtroom Stalder proceeded to lecture Saulsberry about professionalism and demanded he apologize to his client’s mom-in-regulation. Saulsberry refused. And then, this:

Choose Stalder then instructed her bailiff to escort Saulsberry into the jury box. The bailiff did so, and shackled Saulsberry to a chair in the jury box, where he remained shackled for around 20 minutes. Choose Stalder never held Saulsberry in contempt of court docket or instituted contempt proceedings of any sort.

Stalder then continued to perform business enterprise related to the protective buy While THE Lawyer WAS However SHACKLED.

The second incident was on February 18, 2020. Then Samuel Milledge was in Stalder’s courtroom in support of a shopper — while he wasn’t symbolizing the shopper in the make any difference in front of Stalder, but in a different unrelated subject. And there was a different hallway incident, this time in between Milledge and a court staffer. When questioned about it by Stalder, Milledge said the staffer was disrespectful towards him. As soon as once more, Stalder dealt with the scenario by obtaining her bailiff escort the lawyer to the jury box and shackling him to a chair.

Milledge termed his son, Samuel Milledge II (also an attorney), to characterize him in the make any difference.

When Milledge II arrived at court docket, he quickly went to converse to his father, but was confronted by the bailiff and they began to have an exchange.

Choose Stalder produced Milledge after his son discussed that Milledge experienced a demo to show up at.

Even though leaving the courtroom, Milledge II experienced an additional trade with the bailiff, and Decide Stalder identified as him back to the bench and informed him to hardly ever action foot in her courtroom once more.

In neither incident did Stalder initiate contempt continuing from the attorneys.

As you may possibly imagine, the Commission was none way too pleased about Stalder’s preferred method of courtroom administration:

Judge Stalder’s failures in these respects constituted willful and/or persistent failures to be client, dignified and courteous in direction of the attorneys willful and/or persistent disregard for Taylor’s, as nicely as Saulsberry’s and Milledge’s rights to be heard in accordance to law and willful and/or persistent conduct that is evidently inconsistent with the right overall performance of her duties and that solid community discredit on the judiciary or the administration of justice, in violation of Canons 38(4) and 3B(8) of the Texas Code of Judicial Carry out, and Article V, Portion 1-a(6)A of the Texas Constitution.

Not that everyone has to be concerned that this will come about yet again any time shortly — in March, Stalder lost her principal race for re-election.

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